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Connections Consulting & Marketing Solutions Limited has a diverse team of individuals with a vast array of expertise able to execute services, including but not limited to:


Whether you are launching a new brand or growing an existing one, the top priority for Connections Consulting team is to establish branding and increase revenue. Let us take a look at existing operations, brands, costs, concepts and marketing programs to assure you are capitalizing on your opportunities and investments. Connections will evaluate and create the most beneficial Go-To Market approach to build the branding demands for your business.


“My experience with Connections Consulting & Marketing Solutions & Talent Booking Experts has far surpassed all expectations, they are downright outstanding. The level of professionalism among their whole team is palpable, and I would recommend their services to absolutely anyone wanting their brand and image to be represented in the highest caliber."  -Sherwin Williams Motorsports


“Rian is an amazing professional, her knowledge in marketing and branding is top level, she’s helped me develop my business to the next level strategically, if you need someone to keep you accountable and to help you succeed in business with a solid brand and marketing strategy... then Rian will be that for you and a friend!”  – Silvera Enterprises


“Thank you for your time at the Hard Rock Live Center prior to Britney’s concert. We had such a great time talking to you and taking the pictures and OF COURSE being able to see Britney performing! Just wanted to let you know Kohl’s E-comm did great this past week with Prerogative 1.0oz. Thank you for you & your teams hard work in promoting the brand!”- Elizabeth Arden (Revlon)


“Rian is a born leader with a proven passion for this business. She is a perfectionist in her work and accepts nothing but the best in her execution. I am blessed to know and have worked side by side with her in the industry.” – Dulce Vida

Innovative Connecting

  • being or producing something like nothing done, experienced, or created before in conjunction with a political, social, professional or commercial relationship


  • to impress indelibly
  • the creative and ultimate arrangement of execution