Connections Consulting and Marketing Solutions

Digital Data Capturing Activations

Take advantage of our digital data capturing activations, designed to engage consumers and drive data traffic. Text to Win and Scratch to win are two of our most popular activations, providing a data capturing campaign with a surprise giveaway element, designed to endow you with the public information demographic of your choice, such as; gender, date of birth, email, and more.  These programs can be photo driven, product driven, the possibilities are endless and up to your own creativity and market needs! By giving consumers a fun way to interact, you can see how well you are reaching your target audience, and where you can improve!

Creative Development

We bring your footprints and booths to life, with creative build out from concept to design, whether it’s pop up, or existing brick and mortar. Using the budget given and addressing the brand needs, we create an interactive experience both client and consumer will enjoy!

Connections Consulting and Marketing Solutions
Connections Consulting and Marketing Solutions


Looking for that extra bit of magic to push your brand to the next level? A consultation with an industry specialist is just what you need! A consultation with our CEO, Ms. Rian Donatelli, assures a cutting edge advantage that cannot be duplicated. A Control State Specialist with over 20 years of experience, Rian will guide, teach, and train on all things branding, including her specialty in brand launching and standing out in a crowd. Her expertise is unmatched and her professionalism speaks for itself! Visit Ms. Donatelli’s LinkedIn for more information regarding her experience and expertise.


We offer creative services utilizing our in-house design team and equipment. From small scale design such as: ads, posters, table tents, and the like; to custom creative branding such as:  logos, trade show booths, Lift and Learn displays, and more...



Connections Consulting and Marketing Solutions


Whether you’re delivering your message to an audience, creating a training video, or documenting a company event, we have the creative talent and in-house production resources to exceed your expectations and make a lasting impact.

Connections Consulting and Marketing Solutions

POS & Uniforms

With an extensive uniform selection for your choosing, we can make sure your staff is decked out in exactly the attire needed for each event.  Need to brand giveaways? We’ve got that too!

Connections Consulting and Marketing Solutions

On/Off Premise Displays

Data capturing displays of all sizes, all styles, built brand specific for On and Off Premise brand exposure. 

Connections Consulting and Marketing Solutions


Taking great photos of an event, convention, or person is simply not enough! Your business or profile needs to stand out of the crowd.

Connections Consulting and Marketing Solutions

Mens Apparel

Choose from a vast selection of men’s apparel for any setting, from beach, to office, to golf course!

Connections Consulting and Marketing Solutions

Women's Apparel

Industry standard and fashionable women’s clothing to fit all your branding needs; from casual to classy! A flattering women’s cut sets us apart from the unisex competition!

Connections Consulting and Marketing Solutions

Print Design

From custom menus to posters, we can assist you from start to finish with your next visual marketing project.

Connections Consulting and Marketing Solutions

Large Scale Printing

Large scale advertisements will light up the entire venue, with furniture, bars, displays, trade show booths & more!