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Whether you are just launching, or looking to expand an existing brand, let us take your marketing to the next level! At CCMS our top priority is increasing brand knowledge, awareness, and ultimately revenue. With tried-and-true trade and promotional techniques, CCMS will help you establish a marketing approach incorporating existing operations, brands, costs, concepts and marketing programs to ensure you are capitalizing on both your investments and opportunities.

You know your brand, let us make sure the world knows you!

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Rian Donatelli

President and Founder Rian Donatelli established Connections Consulting and Marketing Solutions over 18 years ago. With a background from the supplier’s side, a Control State Specialist; Rian brings a backing that competitors cannot emulate. She has 25 years of experience in the beer, wine, and spirits industry, giving her clientele the utmost in background and preparedness when it comes to their sales and marketing strategies. Starting from the bottom up, Rian cultivated her company using her exceptional ability to connect on both a business and human level, paired with her voracious drive for excellence. Working around the clock, problem solving proficiency, and unmatched strategic planning have allowed Rian to obtain an outstanding client retention rate, which only rises as she continues to elevate brands to their full potential through excellence and expertise. Throughout her time in the marketing industry, Rian has successfully coached over 100 brands to ultimate growth and goal achievement.

Carolina Sepulveda

A New York native, Carolina brings a background replete with unique experiences and interactions with a diverse spectrum of people. Carolina spent four years in the US Navy, where with top level security clearance; she protected high value assets vital to national security. Her varied experiences have allowed Carolina to cultivate absolute expertise in communication, organization, and discretion. A multi-tasking Ninja! Her Jack-of-all-trades nature makes her invaluable to the CCMS team. Passionate about health and fitness, Carolina is genuine and organic, and applies the same holistic approach to both work and pleasure.
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Colette Pfeiffer

Recruitment and Hiring Manager/Senior Copywriter
Through a rigorous and detailed application process, Colette determines and appoints all new models and members of the Talent Booking Experts family. Through a mastery of the English language, and the catchy, sales drive savvy only a seasoned copywriter can have, Colette brings our words to life, consistently representing CCMS in the highest caliber. With years of wide-ranging industry experience, she consistently exhibits the highest level of polished professionalism in all tasks. Using her extensive background in dance, hosting, and etiquette coaching allows Colette to work in the field with all teams, providing a lead-by-example training tactic that cannot be emulated by competitors.
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Jason Hardiman

A Photoshop and Illustrator guru, Jason brings creative elements to life on everything from small to large scale activation's. With a passion for sketch work, he combines the artistic with the efficient. When it comes to build outs and instillations, his abilities soar. Jason is extremely detail oriented, ensuring every last finishing touch is perfect, and all ideas have been brought to fruition.

Marcelo Zuim

Talent Captain
After leaving his hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a BA in hand from the University of Anhembi Morumbi, Marcelo headed straight into the global hospitality industry, cultivating recreational experiences for travelers. 10+years of expertise in Activations & Event Management, Marcelo is an expert at curating a team environment and producing accountability from all. Polylingual and well versed with a diverse cross section of people and cultures, Marcelo brings ingenuity and hands on problem solving to our team, coupled with warmth and a genuine nature.

Alyza Baker

Sr. Activation Manager
Alyza has been with the CCMS team for over six years, and has worked in every role at CCMS and Talent Booking Experts, making her an invaluable resource for all current positions on our internal team. Working behind the scenes on projects, logistics, marketing, corporate training, activation management and more, Alyza serves as the control tower for all in house management. Her quick, on-her-feet thinking and problem solving skills make her a first line of defense when conflict arises, and a relatable leader whom all can come to for guidance.