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What We Do

You know your brand, let us make sure the world knows you!

Insights & Data

This is our jam & it’s some of our favorite work. We approach it from the problem you’re trying to solve – reaching deep into the cultural, consumer & trade landscapes. We look way under the hood of what’s going on & bring you with us for the entire journey. This is immersive, surround-sound, full-contact research. When we’re done, you’ll have memories, ideas, phone numbers, relationships, and a first-hand understanding of the world your brand wants to play in.


Connections will evaluate and create the most beneficial Go-To Market approach to build the branding demands for your business. And, we’ll take it one further – we’ll lead ideation sessions to ensure your investment leads to actionable ideas designed to bond your brand with consumer in meaningful ways – basically ensuring your success.


We are data junkies! We thrive on up to date Intel to provide you with real results! We take a deep dive into how to adjust the challenges for a profitable activation. Our cultural engagement provides the knowledge and experience to support all variations of brand experience.

Cultural Engagement & Execution

You know where you want your brand to go, we know how to get you there. Identity, bringing concept to fruition, CCMS employs well tested marketing tactics to get your brand visually in front and create an experience with your target consumer. We get to know the people moving the scene forward – the makers, innovators, originators & disruptors. Add in a collaborative effort with our partners to capitalize on full brand exposure. Collaboration is the new currency!

Talent Booking Experts

Building brand love comes from Cultural Engagement – creating meaningful relationships with the right people from within the culture & earning their love & support through genuine, sustained engagement. We do that! Boosting Your Sales Force and Brand Growth with Liquid To Lips Sales Specialists, Market Managers, Certified Brand Ambassadors, Brand Messaging and Compliance, we are and Extension of Your Sales Force! We seamlessly integrate with your team to amplify sales efforts and drive brand success.

Planning & Creative Development

Your impact matters to us! We will fully design your plan from what is possible to finish. Join our veterans of the beverage alcohol industry with extensive data mining, modeling, analytics, strategic planning and brand marketing experience to win a sold approach to improve your GROWTH GAME! We working around the clock to provide brand, creative and commercial strategies grounded in industry reality.